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Allstate Renovation provides the best services for structural repair, foundation repair and crawl space moisture control including all forms of waterproofing. We specialize in fixing foundation cracks, sealing crawl spaces, draining water from crawl spaces, correcting moisture in crawl spaces and foundation repair.

Old and new homes can develop foundation problems and structural problems. Settlement in your foundation can occur showing up as cracks in drywall and brick, uneven floors, doors that don't close and windows that stick. These warning signs indicate that your home may be in need of structural repair or foundation repair. Let Allstate Renovation servicing Queenstown MD, Denton MD, Cambridge MD and Salisbury MD tailor a solution to address and repair your foundation needs.

Settlement and moisture damages can cause uneven floors, gaps around doors and windows, cracks in foundation, windows and doors that do not open and close properly, and can cause cracks on the inside walls of your home. If you pay attention to your home, often problems can be stopped before they get worse. Finding the right solution to address moisture damage can protect the value of your home and the structural integrity of your home. The support system and structural integrity underneath your home is most important. We can repair and replace beams and joists and install engineered footings and steel supports.

With over 25 years experience and expertise, contact Allstate Renovation at (443) 880-2257 to resolve your settlement and water damage by waterproofing your home and repairing your foundation.

"Durable solutions to correct structural problems
will give you the peace of mind in protecting your biggest investment, your home."