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Conducting home improvements in Salisbury is often done for updating and aesthetics but a more important reason, which is sometimes over looked, is for family health. Lead abatement is a factor in living a healthy life.

"Installing new windows and doors in your home is the quickest and most cost efficient way to alleviate any future lead-paint issues and improve the look of your home. Allstate Renovation is a Maryland Certified Home Improvement Contractor who specializes in window replacement.

Whether it is for a new home or updating your current home, choosing the right windows is very important. From sliding doors to energy saving windows Allstate Renovation has been installing windows and doors for over 25 years."


A Message to Rental Owners - Maryland's Reduction of Lead Risk in Housing law requires owners of rental properties built before 1978 to register their units with Maryland Department of Environment (MDE), and meet specific lead paint risk standards. One cost effective way to be in compliance is installation of replacement windows and doors.

Older buildings are more likely to have paint with high levels of lead. All buildings should be assumed to have lead-based paint unless they have been tested and shown otherwise, or unless paint records prove that the buildings have always been painted only with latex paint which very rarely contained lead. Contact Allstate Renovation at (443) 880-2257 a Maryland Certified Lead Abatement Contractor with over 25 years experience.


It is highly dangerous to live or spend time in an environment that has lead containing materials. Lead paint becomes hazardous when it is deteriorated or disturbed. Intact lead paint is not a hazard. However when sun, water, age, or maintenance work damages the paint, contaminated dust and chips can be created, especially around wooden windows, window sills and doors Lead-based paint poses a danger if it begins to peel and deteriorate.

Allstate Renovation services the entire Delmarva Peninsula including Kent Island MD, Chester MD, Centreville Md, Chestertown MD, Preston MD, Easton MD, Cambridge Md, Trappe MD, Church Creek Md, Hebron MD, Delmar MD, Salisbury Md, Snow Hill MD, Berlin Md, Seaford DE, Millsboro DE and surrounding areas on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. Contact Us for all your Roofing, Home Improvement and Remodeling Needs.

Contact Allstate Renovation at (443) 880-2257 to ensure you are protected from lead poisoning with a complete assessment and lead abatement.