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Crawl Space Problems | Waterproofing | Moisture Control

Does your home's crawl space have standing water, wood rot, damaged or hanging installation, debris, hanging or damaged wires close to standing water, mold and mildew growth, insects, spiders, snakes, rodents, cracks in ductwork, moisture and condensation?

Water Damage | Waterproofing

Water damage can destroy a house in a matter of weeks, or even days. Contact us immediately when you notice a leak and we will come to your property and fix the problem. We determine the source of the leak, repair it, and fix any water damage the leak might have caused. We even deal with mold, which can exacerbate termite problems if left unchecked.

These all are contributing factors to the air you breath in your home and can present a hazard for the structural integrity of your home. When overlooked, the crawl space becomes an environment for moisture, mold and humidity and the perfect living environment for small animals and insects. Mold and wood rot contribute to problems in the wood framing of your home causing cracks in your drywall, uneven doors and floors and windows that stick and don't shut properly. Moisture in your crawl space contributes to the damage of insulation and any cracks in your ductwork contribute to high energy bills. Crawl space conditioning addresses these issues making the air you breath inside your home safer and guarantees an energy efficient home.  

Allstate Renovation specializes in draining and preventing water from entering the crawl space or basement in your home. Drainage solutions include installing sump pumps and is one way to help waterproof your home. Addressing humidity under your crawl space will prevent mold to grow and wood to rot. We have the expertise to find and implement the best and most affordable solutions for your home to help maintain the structural integrity of your home, providing better air quality and energy bills savings. Preserve the value in your home by keeping water out of your crawl space or basement. We offer interior and exterior drainage systems so that your home stays dry. Contact us today to discuss and resolve your waterproofing issues.

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